Read Faster !!!!

Want to read all those books you saw on Goodreads and you even have them but can’t seem to get past it ?!?!?

Help is here …….!!!


1. Eliminate vocalization or sub-vocalization as you read (sounding out the words either out loud or in your head). Vocalization will dramatically reduce your reading speed as your lips need time to sound out each word. Remember that eliminating vocalization will increase your speed, but most likely decrease your comprehension.

2. Instead of reading word by word, read in chunks of words, or even full sentences. The longer you spend on each word the slower you will read, so it is important to read phrases of multiple words so as to increase your speed. Slow readers often take long pauses between words, thus slowing them down. Try practicing on a newspaper with columns that are 4 or 5 words wide so as to get a better sense of reading in chunks of text.

3. Don’t reread text that you have already read. Doing so will only disrupt your brain’s flow and will slow you down.

4. Try to lightly skim the text either before or after reading it. Read only a few words per line and try to glean a general meaning out of the text. Skimming before reading will help introduce you to the topic and the author’s purpose and will help you read faster. Skimming after reading will allow you to draw key points out of particularly dense or hard to read material.

5. Use one of the methods below to help start you reading faster. As you get better at them, try moving your placeholder faster and see if your eyes can keep up and remember to try to keep both your eyes and your placeholder moving in one constant motion.

The Hand Method
Move your hand down the page as you read in a slow, constant motion.
Your hand should set the pace for your eyes as you read each line.
Use whichever hand you are comfortable with, as long as it helps you keep the pace.
The Index Card Method

Use an index card (or folded piece of paper) to cover the whole width of the page and put it under the line you are reading.
As you read, move the card down the page always “underlining” the line that your are reading.
This is especially helpful for people who reread sections as it helps keep them focused on one line at a time.

The Sweep Method
Sweep your hand across each line as you read it, moving it under each word as you read it.
Move your whole forearm and not simply your wrist as you will be able to cover the whole line and focus better.
Keep your fingers together so your hand moves as a unit and is less of a distraction to your eyes.
This will help reduce unnecessary pauses in between words and improve your flow when reading.

The Hopping Method
Using a similar side to side motion as the Sweep Method, bounce your hand across the page 2 or 3 times per line in even, controlled movements.
Only read the words that are near your hand as you “bounce” around the text.
This will help you keep an even pace as you read as your eyes will follow your hand.
This technique is particularly useful for skimming text as you will only read a couple of words per bounce.

Try all of the different methods to see what works best for you or what works best in your given situation.
Keep in mind the focus of the given text and what the author is trying to achieve as it will often help keep your mind on track.
For many, faster reading will result in a loss of at least some comprehension, so it is important to balance speed and comprehension so as to maximize reading efficiency.
Don’t pause for periods and commas, just read all the way through.




(Article Source : WikiHow)